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Left libertarian

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"Leftist" libertarians have less individualistic ideas about property rights than right libertarians. They are often connected to the anarchist, or socialist-libertarian traditions. Even Marxist movements included a libertarian vision, though they reserved this vision for the distant future and believed that centralization of power in the hands of the state was inevitable, and that this power could be coopted and used for the common least the sincere Marxists believed this.

Leftist libertarians view economics and politics as being intimately connected. Economic independence is necessary for political independence. Economic equality is necessary for political equality. Leftist libertarians promote free and egalitarian associations across all of society. Rather than trying to micromanage associations as the statist leftists do, left libertarians focus on producing the basic conditions that enable individuals to freely enter into egalitarian relationships. They emphasize cooperative and participatory economic structures.



This tradition may be distinguished from other libertarians based upon their stances on several issues, such as:

Famous Persons

Liberals (minarchists)


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Others placed the following persons in the "left-libertarian" section of their chart:

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