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From Libertarian Wiki, the libertarian's encyclopedia.

Greetings; I'm Seth Ilys from Cary, NC and a Wikipedia admin. I'm trying to get local LP folks to begin using wikis to develop content, and I stumbled upon libertarianwiki. Our state newsletter editor asked me to write up a blurb on the recent Badnarik meetup (which I see you noticed), so I decided to do it on libertarianwiki rather than forward it to her directly. I'm going to try to funnel people to using wikis to develop documents, but, as you may have know, persuading libertarians of the merits of a new idea can often be like herding cats. But thanks for having this set up for us to stumble across and use. :) -- Seth Ilys 16:15, 14 Jun 2004 (PDT)

Welcome to Libertarian Wiki and thank you for your contributions and promotion. Libertarian Wiki is getting off to a slow start. I haven't contributed and promoted it as much as I should have. However, progress is cumulative, and someday it will take off. It was mentioned in the Libertarian Party of California's newsletter. See Web Watch on page 6. Paul Studier 18:45, 14 Jun 2004 (PDT)

Free State Project

Hi, Paul. Are you a member of the FSP? If not, why not?

I'll probably register at some point. Thanks for putting up the wiki. 15:16, 30 Jun 2004 (PDT)

Your welcome. As for the FSP, I am too old and set in my ways to give up the good weather of Orange County, California. I own a house, have old friends here, etc.

I do wish the FSP luck, and gave them some money just before their state selection.

Paul Studier 17:23, 30 Jun 2004 (PDT)


Hello Paul.

I have added a couple of pages starting with LPMA Libertarian Party of Massachusetts. and I think that I found a formatting bug.

If a page is very short, and the browser window is not wide enough for all 4 banner add rectangles, then "Edit this page", "Main Page", and the first banner ad, in the second column can overlap the first column, and can sometimes be covered by the LP logo image.

I am using IE v6.0.

I hope that this is easy to fix, because I am trying to get libertarians interested in wiki here in MA and NH, and your wiki seemed great for that purpose, but it does not look very good now when pages are short when they often are when creating new pages.


"David W. Roscoe" <>

Bug fixed by making dummy banner ad smaller. Paul Studier 21:36, 10 Jul 2004 (PDT)

Hello Paul.

I noticed that you redirected the (LPMA Waltham Event) page because it was an orphan. It existed because I decided that (LPMA Waltham Calender Of Events) was a better title. I did not know how to rename the old page, so I created the new one. But I did not know how to delete the old one. It really need not exist at all now. It's existence might actually cause confusion. FYI

David W Roscoe

The best way to rename an article is with the "Move this page", which is on the menu on the left side of the page. It copies the history and talk pages to the new page. The old page is redirected to the new page.

Part of the wiki culture is to always keep a history of everything. There is also the goal of never having dead links. For example, if some outside website pointed to the LPMA Waltham Event, they would be redirected to LPMA Waltham Calender Of Events. Therefore articles are rarely deleted. See Wikipedia_policy_on_permanent_deletion_of_articles

Paul Studier 17:14, 15 Jul 2004 (PDT)

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