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From Libertarian Wiki, the libertarian's encyclopedia.

I am Paul Studier. I am a long time Libertarian, life member of the LP, past treasurer for my county party, past paper candidate for both State Assembly and State Senate, retired Computer Engineer, and devoted fan of Wikipedia. I live in Orange County, California.

My email signature is:

When you work, you create. When you win, you just take from the loser. For an explanation, see

Very Early History of

I first noticed Wikipedia when I had to upgrade my car air conditioner from old (bad) freon to new (good) freon. I was curious what the difference was between the old freon and the new. A Google search pointed me to, where there was a surprisingly good description of the difference. I was immediately hooked, and made my first contribution on 2003Oct30.

Before discovering, If you had asked me if a Wiki would work, I would have said no! People would vandalize it, people would argue forever. However, Wikis have an amazing property. Unlike mailing lists, newsgroups and bulletin boards where people argue forever, and get real mad at each other, Wikis tend to come to a consensus. If there are irreconcilable differences, people will eventually be happy if both sides are presented. Arguments are presented in the "Talk" pages so they are not presented to the casual reader of an article. A community develops that defends the spirit of the Wiki. Vandalism is promptly fixed.

I decided that the libertarian movement needed a Wiki. After much research, I decided to use MediaWiki. It was, in my opinion, the best that I have seen. It was the Wiki engine of the biggest Wiki of all, Wikipedia. It is almost always best to go with the market leader. After a couple experiments, I started on 2004Mar1, hosted by Dreamhost.Com. Michael Schubart advice from his Wiki was instrumental in my installation.

Some day I hope that will be bigger than myself. It already is. As of 2004jun14, has 6 registered users plus some have contributed anonymously. Some day I hope that it will be a self funding non-profit organization. This is why I reserve the right to banner advertising. Of course, ultimately belongs to libertarians, I hope that many others will contribute, and that it continues long after I am gone.

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