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I ended up here from Google because I'm rapidly falling in love with Wikis, and because I'd prefer to read some political articles from the Libertarian POV instead of DKosopedia's bias (although bias aside, it really is an excellent resource).

I'd like to do whatever I can to increase utilization of LibertarianWiki by difference Libertarian groups around the US, and even worldwide. To that end I'm going to try putting together a draft of a promotion plan, which I invite any and all to contribute to by editing it.

I live in Massachusetts and am trying to get more involved in grass-roots Libertarian efforts here. Although I'm too new to feel 100% in the camp of Liberty for Massachusetts in the LPMA/LfM schism, I generally am interested in the kind of activism that LfM seems interested in. I'd really rather see all parties work out their differences, though.

Here's are some interesting pol. ref. links that I'll stash away for further research:

  • [1]
  • [2]

For more about me see [3]