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Libertarian Party of Texas

[edit] News

From a press release forwarded to the GroundUpLibs Yahoo group among others:

Libertarian Party Fields Record Numbers of Candidates

AUSTIN, Texas A record 187 candidates have filed with the Libertarian Party of Texas to run this year for federal, state and district offices across Texas. That's the word from party officials. That surpasses the previous record of 110 candidates in 2002 and doesn't include Libertarians who have filed for county-level offices. Libertarian candidates have filed to run in 30 of the state's 32 congressional districts, eleven of the 16 state Senate districts and 97 of the 150 Texas House districts. Libertarians also have filed to run for all statewide elected offices except presiding judge of the Court of Criminal Appeals. Party officials will submit an official list of the Libertarian candidates to the Texas Secretary of State's Office by January 12th. The candidates are to be nominated at county and district conventions in March and at the state Libertarian convention in June.

[edit] Libertarian officeholders

  • Pat Dixon - Lago Vista City Council
  • Scott Davison - Burkburnett City Council
  • Kevin Anderson - Anna City Council

[edit] Regional organizations

  • Libertarian Party of Collin County
  • Travis County Libertarian Party
  • Libertarian Party of Denton County
  • Libertarian Party of Montgomery County

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