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Socialism is an ideology with the core belief that society should exist in which popular collectives control the means of power and production, and the ownership of private property is severely limited. In Marxist theory, it also refers to the society that would succeed or supplant capitalism, and would later develop further into communism, as the necessity for the socialist structure would wither away. Marxism and communism are both branches of socialism. Socialism is an ideological enemy of libertarianism.

Socialistic policies directly impede on the business person's right to run their business as they want (small business represents 99% of US employers).

Socialistic policies invariably lead to reduced competition which means less freedom of choice for the buyer because there's less variety of products, the worker because there's less employers to choose from and you have no choice but to join the union if you're hired, and the citizen because the government is now the sole provider of semi-essential services not to mention healthcare and education. Add to this a decrease in the quality of goods and services now at higher prices.

These are the socio-economic policies that generally reflect the preferences of the socialist:

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