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NOTICE TO ALL : Please read these comments, I'd like a response from anyone that wants to offer a constructive critique of it. E-mail is: killyourcable@yahoo.com I'm sorry if this was not the appropriate place to post this, but I wanted to get people's attention and the specific topic headings did not seem to fit with what I wanted to discuss.

So here goes my spiel:

First of all, I do advocate diminishing the power of the US government (no I'm not a republican), but there is a lot more I want to say than just that.......please read!

It doesn't matter where concentrated power lies, whether in the hands of the government or corporations. Libertarians argue that government can "legally encroach on persons who have done no harm." What one has to realize is that "The Law" is irrelevant, there is nothing sacred about it. The government brakes the law all the time. The fact that many of it's atrocities are "legal" generally is not a distinction that makes much difference to the public (especially since law has no absolute definition and can me interpreted different ways). Segregation in the South was completely legal.... But the fact that the Jim Crow laws were on the books isn't what kept Blacks from rising up. It was that they were afraid of what the KKK, self appointed local authority and white people in general would do.

The law is not a power in itself. The law only works through fear; fear of people with guns and prisons. Right now people generally believe the US government is the institution with the best guns and most prisons, which is basically true.

If multinational corporations were the only places of concentrated power there would be little stopping them from hiring a bunch of thugs with guns and making people do whatever they wanted whenever they wanted. But again, corporations basically run the government already.

Also, corporations have much subtler but very effective economic controls they can and do use to maintain power. The quality of life in the third world is generally NOT increased by the intervention of the so called "free market". Instead, governments in these countries are coerced into selling natural resources and being "trade friendly" in other ways that cause direct harm and increase poverty to their people. Though lately a lot of tech jobs have been going to India (which IS a small positive influence of globalization there, at least for now), of course, that is just one step on a slippery slope that could very well lead to the US becoming somewhat of a third world country (at least vast segments of it).

Of course, our GDP will not falter as the United States population continues to slide into poverty and debt slavery because huge "US based" corporations (since they often avoid paying taxes, and only care about the quality of life of the American people insofar as it effects their own profits, they have no loyalty and therefore deserve no nationality) will continue to make incredible profits and produce mass quantities of product, therefore making the economy look "good". So maybe the "Objective Reality" we should be paying attention to shouldn't involve only what they care about on wall street. Investors rarely give thought to the effects that their investments make on other people simply because that is not how it is supposed to work. Also, even though I do advocate a participatory economy, if we treated that as the only avenue for change that would amount to a democracy where your vote is directly proportionate to your wealth.

Guess who would get all the power? The people who already have all the power!

In the short term I advocate government programs that would truly help people in poverty and stimulate the market so as to create higher paying jobs. How feasible this is I am not even sure, but I believe we cannot give up on those now struggling in poverty and the multitudes that will soon join them.

As poverty is diminished and more grassroots people's institutions are created that educate and advocate a true democracy we should then face the task of deconstructing the US government full time. Citizens gathering in public places for discussion during a national week off for voting will take the place of people watching a couple TV attack ads and then punching a hole in a card.

I believe that when true democracy is available to, or rather, forged by the American people, we will discontinue to vote against our own interests as so many people have been duped into doing in the past. As more non biased news (that is, biased by coercion from powerful institutions) becomes available to the mainstream I believe economic, international and environmental solutions will become more obvious. Therefore a general consensus of what will help the well-being of the nation (and world) will be obvious and the democratic process will work! Other less objective issues such as racism, sexism and prejudice against homosexuals will be more open to debate, but that will always be the case.

So in conclusion: Big Brother.......brought to you by Texaco! So the military and appearance of a shoddy government can help these corporations, these non-local centers of power, rule more effectively. At the same time, the people's expectation that the government should at least sometimes intervene in protection of the American people does give power to laws and regulations which are designed to do so. So, the will of people is feebly felt. But most of the times that the government cracks down on some corporation big time for like, not being totally legal in their defrauding of the American people, it is so they can make an example and go. "See, now we've gotten rid of the few bad apples."

The more that the doctrine is spread and accepted, that regulation of business for the purpose of protecting the well being of the American people constitutes tyranny, the less people will remain vigilant in such matters. People will eventually stop caring to the point that the laws can be officially taken off the books even though they have not been enforced most of the time anyway. On one hand there will be the incredible powers of corporate interest no one dare oppose, on the other hand will be faux democracy.

The people will continue to be kept divided by both parties, making all equally feel powerless. This ladies and gentlemen is our fate, if we continue to act like the only genuine source of tyranny is one that has a federal element to it.

Libertarians, anarchists, liberals, democrats, conservatives and republicans must start to come to this realization. They must, despite their personal biased values (liberals hate corporations, conservatives hate government etc), learn to recognize and finally to oppose tyranny in all it's forms. Only then will we be free.