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New Mexico

From Libertarian Wiki

Libertarian Party of New Mexico

Petition news

From a post to the GroundUpLibs email list; copied by permission of the author:

The only petition the Libertarian Party completed

anywhere (for party status) during 2005 was New Mexico. We turned in virtually double the requirement (we turned in 7,300; we needed 3,782). We turned them in Nov. 28, 2005. The state let the signatures sit around til January, til after they had purged the voter registration list. Now they are two-thirds done and say our validity rate is under 50% so we probably won't have enough.

In 2004, the same state told the Constitution Party

that it didn't have enough. The Constitution Party had turned in the same petition with about 1.5 times as many signatures as were required. The Constitution Party sent its people into the office and found enough errors, to validate the petition. It seems we will need to do the same thing.

We didn't need to petition in 2004. A petition gets a

party two elections, and we last did New Mexico in 2002.

This article about a US state is a Stub. If you are familiar with New Mexico's political landscape, you are particularly encouraged to help LibertarianWiki by expanding this article to include information about local libertarian organizations and activities.

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