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Libertarian Party of Nevada

This article about a US state is a Stub. If you are familiar with Nevada's political landscape, you are particularly encouraged to help LibertarianWiki by expanding this article to include information about local libertarian organizations and activities.

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Nevada is not very libertarian, short of the legalized gambling and liberal drinking laws, Nevada provides a fairly oppressive atmosphere. Most of the citizens are supporters of the casino unions, and have come to accept local government controls as normal. Corruption is rampant as well on the local level. Short of no state income tax, the state is fairly oppressive in all other tax forms. The police consistantly come under accusation of "overstepping" as well.

Often a worker is required to pay "licensing fees" in the form of a sheriff's card (which proves a holder's non-criminal background), alcohol awareness card (proves the holder is knowlegable in alcohol laws), health card (is vaccinated and understands health laws), etc. These types of "licenses" pervade nearly every part of the labor market, and are high in cost and required to be regularly renewed. Most of these required cards are rooted in further government corruption, for instance the alcohol awareness card was originally created by the clark county commissioner on his way out, his wife held control of the largest bartending schools which taught alcohol awareness. Ultimately, any sane libertarian can see the root of these "licenses" as nothing more than cronyism, trade protectionsim, and taxation of labor. Ultimately they require an individual to get permission from the state to work in a particular field.