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Local LP affiliate: Libertarian Party of Massachusetts
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2004 Badnarik vote 0.51%

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has a justly-earned reputation as one of the most heavily pro-Democrat states in the country. The reality behind this reputation is evident by the party composition of the state legislature. Nevertheless, recent years have brought hope for the establishment of two-party rule, at least: the Republican procession of governors since 1991 indicates the public's preference for divided government.

The state government's reputation for patronage and corruption could represent a valuable opportunity for Libertarians in coming years. Local Libertarian activism is strong here, and allegations of the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts' reluctance to support local candidates led several activists to found Liberty for Massachusetts in early 2005.


[edit] Ballot Access issues

Main article: Massachusetts ballot access

In general ballot access in Massachusetts has become immensely easier since the loss of major party status. Ballot access petitons for major parties may not include registered voters of other major parties, but reversion to minor party status means that LP candidates may now gather signatures from all registered voters including Democrats and Republicans.

[edit] Libertarian officeholders

Richard Avery
Town Meeting Member, Arlington</dd>
Bill Bates
Vice-Chairman, Planning Board, Ludlow also Member of MA Open Space Planning </dd>
John "Jay" Beauregard </dt>
Town Meeting Member, Plymouth</dd>
George Berdos</dt>
Fair Housing Committee, Easton </dd>
John M. Bonasera</dt>
Town Meeting Member, Plymouth </dd>
John C. Brickner
Planning Board Chair, Town of Wales, Interim Chair, Capital Planning Committee, Town of Wales & the Pioneer Valley Planning Commission. </dd>
Michael W. Conway</dt>
Town Meeting Member, Dartmouth</dd>
Christopher M. DeLeo</dt>
Southeastern Regional School Committee (representing Foxboro, Mansfield, Norton, Sharon, Stoughton, Easton & E. Bridgewater)</dd>
Steven Epstein
Chairperson, Zoning Board of Appeals, Georgetown</dd>
Jerome Erickson
Town Meeting Member, Holbrook</dd>
Linwood A. Gay</dt>
Moderator, Onset Fire District</dd>
Russ Hamilton (of Colrain)
Mohawk Trail Regional School Board</dd>
Jack Hirschmann </dt>
Town Meeting Member, Dartmouth</dd>
Laura Hirschmann</dt>
Town Meeting Member, Dartmouth, also At-Large Member of the State Committee</dd>
Brian Holt Hawthorne </dt>
Conservation Commissioner, Plainfield</dd>
Ron "Rocky" Jepson </dt>
Town Meeting Member, Saugus; also Finance Committee</dd>
Richard Mardigian</dt>
Town Meeting Member, Dartmouth</dd>
Marti McCuller</dt>
Commission on Disabilities, Chelmsford</dd>
Jim Mollison
Town Meeting Member, Billerica,Town of Billerica General By-Laws Review Committee</dd>
Jack O'Leary
Planning Board, Plympton</dd>
Dr. Charles C. Ormsby
School Committee, North Andover</dd>
Raymond Phoenix
Planning Board, Ludlow; also Pioneer Valley Planning Commission (Member of the PVPC Executive Board)
Benjamin Rivard-Rapoza
Town Meeting Member, Dartmouth</dd>
Craig Rosen</dt>
Chairman of the School Board in Swansea</dd>
Katie Rosen</dt>
Recreation Commission, Swansea</dd>
John C. Schumacher-Hardy</dt>
Library Trustee, Lancaster</dd>
Alvin See</dt>
Chairman, Westfield Flood Control Commission</dd>
Shep Spear</dt>
Planning Board, North Reading</dd>
Brian Thomas</dt>
Municipal Land Committee, Dartmouth</dd>
Arthur Torrey</dt>
Town Meeting Member, Billerica</dd>   [1]

[edit] Statewide organizations

[edit] Regional organizations

See also LPMA Local Affiliates

[edit] 2005 Libertarian Candidates

[edit] Sources

[1] - accessed 2005-05-23

[edit] Massachusetts libertarian bloggers

  • The Modern American

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  • Political Methods for Massachusetts

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