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We believe that the activities of these charities promote the libertarian cause. These are charities, not advocacy groups our lobbying groups. They exist to help people improve their lives, or provide some other benefit that is recognized by all, not just libertarians. These organizations do not aim to directly change the system.

However, we believe that that the success of organizations such as these are beneficial, even essential to the libertarian movement. Some charities provide services to the less fortunate in our society, others provide public goods. As many of our neighbors believe it is essential for the government to provide these services, the independent success of these organizations strengthens our case for eliminating forced support for such organizations. If a charity lobbies for government support, then it is clearly not libertarian.

Other organizations promote a culture of liberty, even as they provide benefits that non-libertarians can recognize. These are activities that prepare the general public for the libertarian message or create the social conditions that make tyranny difficult if not impossible.

Finally, an organization may promote libertarianism by creating the tools that the people will use to resist tyranny.

Of course, any particular organization may have value in more than one way.

Libertarian charities

Libertarian culture

Libertarian tools

Anti-libertarian charities

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