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Libertarian Wiki:About

From Libertarian Wiki, the libertarian's encyclopedia.

This is the Libertarian Wiki for use by both big "L" and small "l" libertarians in the United States of America. It is an encyclopedia whose purpose is to help promote libertarianism by facilitating activism. See How You Can Use Libertarian Wiki for some ideas, then add some of your own.

For those who don't know what a Wiki is, an excellent example is Wikipedia, which is a general purpose encyclopedia. Please use this as a model of best practices.

Or just be bold and start editing pages. Don't worry about fancy formatting or being perfect. It is more important to start, and others will help you perfect it.

Differences between Libertarian Wiki and Wikipedia

Because this wiki is intended as a tool for activism, we relax the Wikipedia:Neutral point of view. In particular, literature intended for distribution will have a libertarian point of view. Of course, with any controversy between libertarians, we try to maintain NPOV. Presenting both sides of an argument should satisfy this requirement.

Wikipedia requires that every article be of general interest to many people. We relax this requirement and allow articles that are either very local or of interest to only a few libertarians to participate in this wiki.

All material is in the Public domain, whereas Wikipedia uses GNU Free Documentation License. The GNU license requires that the license appear on any copies even if modified, and under some circumstances requires that editable source be made available. This would make it awkward to use a Libertarian Wiki article in political literature.

Some Rules:

Any use that does not contribute to the purpose of promoting libertarianism is forbidden. Please edit only if you are a libertarian, or are at least sympathetic with our cause.

Anyone may read the Libertarian Wiki. Therefore, please do not violate any copyrights, attempt to use this Wiki for any illegal purposes, embarrass us with fighting and bad behavior, do not advocate the violent overthrow of the US Government, etc.

All contributions are licensed under Public Domain. Once on a wiki, your work no longer belongs to you and it will be edited by others. If an author wishes to retain copyright, or an editor wishes to submit material that he does not own, then the best thing is to publish a link to the document.

Please do not publish anyone's phone number or email address without his or her permission. Please disguise all email addresses to prevent spam. For example, if the email is, you could post it as Don't post anything confidential.

If you wish to enter information of interest only to a local group, please identify the region in the page title. For example, LPOC,CA is the regional article for The Libertarian Party of Orange County, California, and LPOC,CA Calendar is it's calendar. If you wish only members of this group to edit the information, you may use {{msg:regional}} for the boilerplate text. If you see "This is a regional page containing local information. Please do not edit it unless you live in or are associated with this locality." on an article, please don't edit it unless you live in or are associated with the locality.

About Us

This Wiki is hosted by Paul Studier. A Very Early History of is available at his user page, Pstudier. He reserves the right to put up banner advertising, but promises that it will be non-obnoxious.

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