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Libertarian Reform Caucus

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The Libertarian Reform Caucus is a coalition of libertarians who want a 'real' libertarian party; that is a libertarian party that is designed to win elections in the near term and move the U.S. back in the direction of more liberty.

The current Libertarian Party fails the "real party" test in that it's platform and associated message is too far outside the mainstream. A fringe party can win elections in a proportional representation system; however, the U.S. has mainly single-member districts with plurality-take-all elections. Therefore, a party needs to have a message that is mainstream enough to represent the majority in at least some districts.

According to its Statement of Purpose, the Libertarian Reform Caucus proposes to change the Libertarian Party platform in three ways:

The Plan

The plan of the Caucus is to recruit members from both inside and outside the party. These members then propose and vote on platform changes until a consensus is achieved. Once there is consensus, members will meet at the next Libertarian national convention(s) in order to promote the ideas.

Much like the Free State Project the Libertarian Reform Caucus encourages action on a conditional basis; that is, members who are not party members can indicate their willingness to join the LP in order to help the caucus succeed based on the probability of success.

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