Libertarian Lexicon

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Why cede half the argument for liberty to the statists by reusing their statist euphemisms? Consider using these more precise terms and phrases below, or add your own:

Affirmative action => Affirmative racism

Affordable housing => Taxpayer subsidized housing

Anti-price gouging laws => Pro-shortage laws

Bill of Rights => Bill of Restrictions (on gov't)

Capitalism => Free market economics (what we want), Cronyism (what exists)

Competition => Choice

Conscription, Draft => Slavery, Involuntary servitude; Conscript => cannon fodder.

Driver's license (or Larry Ellison's new proposed national identity card) => Identity papers

Driving privileges => Right of free passage on public thoroughfare

Drug laws => The new prohibition (with just as much organised crime as the last time)

Elected leader => Elected politician, ruler

Environmentalist => Watermelon (Green on the outside, commie pink on the inside). Used only for people for who suppressing the free market is more important than actual environmental benefits.

Federal gov't => National gov't

Federal regulations => Federal dictates; Federal permission to pollute

Free education => Education funded by stolen money in the form of taxes

Freedom => [Absolutely meaningless unless defined, Freedom from what?]

Free market economics => Markets based on consumer choice; Markets by choice, voluntary cooperation

Greed => Industriousness; Desire to support one's family (good) or "politics" (when it is theft)

Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) => Legislation enforcement officer

Law => Dictate of Congress

Leaders (when referring to elected officials) => rulers

League of Women Voters => League of Democrat-Republican Women Voters

Liberal => Left-wing(er)

License => Permission slip

Mainstream media => Common media, infotainment, regulated media

Minimum wage => Mandated wage, prohibition of cooperation

Precautionary principle => Prohibition principle

Price controls => Political pricing

Public investment => Political spending

Public school (education) => Gov't school (schooling), state school, forced schooling

Private school => Free-market school; Voluntary school

Private sector => Free market

Public sector => Political market

Private property => Personal property

Public servant => Polit-bureaucrat, ruler

Public funds (financing) => Taxpayer dollars (financing)

Public housing => Gov't-landlord rentals

Renewable energy => Freeze in the dark; choke on smoke (from burning wood, shit, etc.)

Rent control => Politically priced rent

Smart growth => Politically tolerated growth

Social Security => Aged welfare; Elderly welfare

Sustainable Technology => No technology

Taxation => Theft

Third Party => Alternative Party (Not only do third parties not win, they don't even come in second.)

Toll => User fee

War on Drugs => War on Drug Users