Libertarian Declaration of Human Rights

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As libertarians, we believe that the following rights should be respected for each person by default, and should only be denied to one in order to protect others and on the basis of the behavior of the denied. We seek a world in which these rights are respected and will act to aid those whose rights are not being respected. These are written in a distinct, but broad manner to help us identify situations where these rights are being denied. Please see the Talk page to discuss the format of these declarations.

  • The right to bodily integrity
    • No person should act on another person to change his body.
  • The right to leave
    • A person must face no interference in an attempt to leave a place or association.
  • The right to own
    • A person must be able to gain control over the material items that he needs to live his life.
  • The right to speak freely
    • A person must not be punished based on the expression of a belief or the conveyence of information.
  • The right to medicate
    • A person should face no interference in acquiring the tools or assistance to control his own body. This is an extension of the right to bodily integrity