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  • The beast won't starve itself.
  • No one else can set you free. Alternativly: only you can set you free; only you can set yourself free.
  • God gave you free will, libertarians let you use it
  • Those who can, do; those who can't, govern;
  • "To the government, you are a statistic"
    Variations: replace "government" with "President", "Bush", etc.
  • If you are not libertarian, you aren't paying attention
  • The DEA: practicing medicine without a license
  • The opposite of progress is congress
  • Another Free Radical
  • Save the environment: Repeal a Law
  • The land of the fee and the home of the slave
  • Corporations are created by governments
  • The drug war: keeping criminals working
  • Which amendment authorized ( the drug war, the dea, the fda, affirmative action, the president to declare war, congress to practice medecine )
  • (Image of lynched dummy in black robes ) Hanging Judge?
  • If we don't vote for freedom, our children will die for it.
  • Give iraq OUR constitution: we're not using it!
  • Dude! Where's my constitution?
  • 'I think, therefor I am Libertarian
  • Who is John Galt?
  • Fnord!
  • Just vote libertarian until you're too free
  • Before the drug war, crime didn't pay.
  • Why the second amendment? Hitler was elected!
  • Impeach the supreme court!
  • Congressmen's kids don't go to prison for smoking pot
  • Abolish prescriptions
  • Politicians lie
  • The President is a great politician
  • He's not my President (good for any administration!)
  • Intimidation is futile, you will be resisted. (Borg)
  • Live Free or Die
  • A drug-free America, or a free America?
  • Have we won the drug war yet?
  • What part of "Inalienable" don't you understand?
  • The Lesser evil is still evil
  • I'm pro-choice on everything!
  • Libertarians do it by themselves!
  • Ignore your rights and they'll go away
  • I fear government more than terrorism
  • Libertarians- the only people in America fighting for a smaller government

How to turn these slogans into actual bumper stickers: Custom Bumper Sticker

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