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Named for their founder, Henry George, Georgists support a Land Value Tax as the sole source of government revenue. The Land Value Tax, or LVT, is favored for both utilitarian and ideological reasons. In his book, Progress and Poverty, George showed how the tax could be used to break up land monopolies and end land speculation, which would in turn increase wages and employment, as well as slowing down urban sprawl. He even goes so far as to claim that it could end poverty altogether.

Georgists originally referred to themselves as Single Taxers, named for their advocacy of a Land Value Tax to replace all other taxes. Georgism has since influenced several different groups with various emphasis. Some Georgists call themselves geolibertarians, emphasizing an ideological foundation for the LVT based on natural rights as well as its compatibility with a free market, and generally agreeing with mainstream libertarianism on issues other than land. Other Georgists simply advocate the LVT for its utilitarian advantages. Georgism has also inspired some anarchists such as Leo Tolstoy.

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