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An egoist is a person who believes that he should act in his own interest, considering the interests of others only to the extent that they promote his own interests. Anti-libertarians often portray libertarianism as being fundamentally egoist, ignoring the long tradition of utilitarian and natural law libertarianism. The Libertarian Party emphasis on "principles" is indicative of a natural law approach to politics. Egoists are often prone to avoiding organized political activity, viewing tyranny more as a danger to be personally avoided rather than an evil to be eradicated. Among libertarians, egoism is most pronounced in objectivist and individualist anarchist traditions.

Egoists value personal motivation over concepts of obligation. Obligations are viewed as an extension of personal motivation; treating percieved obligations as objective is self-delusional and makes people prone to impose themselves upon others, creating unnecessary conflict.

While egoists are often accused of being violent and anti-social, they embrace society to the extent that it is a natural outgrowth of individual interests. Since most humans are naturally socialable, the adoption of egoist values should not result in the abandonment of society. However, even if it would, that would not deminish the fact that it is the rational way to approach life.

Notable egoists in libertarian tradition

Egoists in the non-political tradition

Egoist essays

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