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Custom Bumper Sticker

From Libertarian Wiki

How to make removable Custom Bumper Stickers

Buy some clear, removable "Con-Tact" paper at a hardware store. It is used to line shelves.

Print sticker on paper and cut to size. With typical inkjet printers, yellow and red fade badly in a couple months, while green and blue fade somewhat. Black on white is more durable.

Take the clear "Con-Tact" paper and cut it out 1 inch larger than the bumper sticker so that there is 1/2 inch overlap on all sides. Flatten the Con-Tact paper and place it on a table with the paper side down. Peel the front (clear) side of the Con-Tact paper, but leave a thin strip on the bottom attached. Place the paper sticker in the center of the backing and reattach the Con-Tact paper.

Apply only to a clean surface. Take care to press down the edges well in order to make a watertight seal.

Whenever working with Con-Tact paper, take care not to stretch it.

When properly applied, they have lasted for years in dry climates. Wet climates or frequent car washings may shorten their life.

To remove the bumper sticker, peel it off. Remove any residue with rubbing alcohol, acetone or "Goof-Off".

Find bumper sticker artwork here.


If you don't have an inkjet printer, you can find Libertarian bumper stickers for sale here:

You might also consider using CafePress which will allow you to upload and purchase bumper stickers at your own custom "store," as well as make the store available to the public if you choose.

McGonigal Paper and Graphics has bumper sticker paper. You use an inkjet printer and waterproof it with Jet Coat. I haven't tried it, so if anyone has experience with this, please post your comments.

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