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Current issues

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Dishonorable politicians

We are told to address legislators and judges as "honorable", yet in fact they are generally very dishonorable persons:




Social security reform

President Bush proposes a fundamental change to the social security system: the creation of individual retirement accounts. This reform is desirable from a libertarian perspective, but still limits the choices of individuals and seems to benefit certain special interest groups. This is central to a broader plan to create an "ownership society".

English as an official language

In many states with a high Spanish-speaking population, there are arguments over whether non-English languages should be used in government work, including government schools.

Gay marriage

The state discriminates on the basis of sex and lifestyle. This relates to the social security debate, as social security benefits are one of the tools that the state uses to discriminate against gays.

Medical Marijuana

Many states have passed laws allowing the medical use of marijuana. The Federal government is fighting this. The Supreme Court is currently examining this issue in the context of federalist principles.

Drug War

The drug war is funneling billions of dollars into criminal and terrorist organizations. It is destabilizing poorer countries and corrupting their governments. It is fueling real crime along our borders and damaging our relationship with neighboring countries, such as Mexico. [7]

Commercial regulation

The state is involved in regulating the most minute issues of commerce, often blocking progress and otherwise harming the public interest. Often, these regulations do not come to the public's attention until a substantial push has been made to repeal them. However, as an illustration of the extent and nature of such regulations, the following list is provided:

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