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Central Massachusetts Liberty Coalition

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Central Massachusetts Liberty Coalition

The Central Massachusetts Liberty Coalition is an example of leaderless organization in action in the Massachusetts Libertarian movement. The "Coalition" does not have members, officers, or finances. It deploys a set of web pages (over 1 Meg of them) at , thereby providing an organizational and tactical doctrine that other Libertarians might voluntarily choose to follow. The CMLC Web Pages and the CMLC newsletters have been urged on other Libertarians as a model to follow for solving difficulties in party politics in their states.

Included on the pages are PDFs of the newsletters Libertarian Strategy Gazette and Let Freedom Ring! LSG publishes tactics articles and major meeting minutes. LFR publishes Libertarian Party internal political news, especially news of the National Party and the Massachusetts Party. Also on the pages are George Phillies' two libertarian books, Stand Up For Liberty! and Funding Liberty. Stand Up for Liberty! is a manual on tactics. Funding Liberty treats 1994-2002 Libertarian Party Presidential politics. Both books are available as ebooks and draft paperbacks at .

The CMLC has existed since 1995, and is one of the oldest Libertarian (non) organizations in Massachusetts.

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