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Libertarianism is a movement to build a society where individuals are able to live their lives with minimal interference from others. While libertarians may disagree over how that is best achieved, we all agree that increasing liberty is a worthwhile goal. This section is dedicated to discussions of how an individual can promote the cause of liberty, and why a person may want to dedicate his own resources towards this goal. Discussion of why liberty is a worthwhile goal is found in the philosophy section, as are discussions of what libertarianism means.


Personal Action

Personal motivation

Activists consciously seek to change their society in a particular way. Undertaking activism can consume an immense amount of time and attention. Activists may also lose perspective, becoming arrogant and self-important. Keeping perspective also helps activists to continue after a setback. Understanding one's own motivation to become involved in activism can help prevent a damaging loss of perspective. Libertarians are motivated by a variety of factors, among which are:

Each person's participation in the libertarian movement may be radically different based upon their motivation.

Swaying public opinion

Undermining statist authority (morally and practically)

Changing state policy


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